First NFTs anchored to blockchain nodes

"Built on traceability, storage, streaming, virtual reality, earnings, and much more, all on the blockchain."

Our first purpose is to be part of the validation of nodes on different blockchains, starting with: GRT - CSPR - EGLD. The rewards from these nodes will be distributed to our holders through oracles and smart contracts. The next networks will be decided through a vote by our holders.

What we do?

We are providing various benefits utilizing Blockchain technology, including node sharing, reward pooling, NFT staking games, and more...
Holding CryptoCorp tokens gives you access to exclusive events, merchandise, discounts, and other advantages, which will be announced in the future.

Road map V1

Dive into the Blockchain.

Starting at :

Sage 1 : Creation of a social network

Sage 2 : Collaboration on various strategic partnership projects

Sage 3 : Over 150 active users on Discord

Sage 4 : Introduce the community to different networks to begin

Sage 5 : Distribution of 200 whitelist spots

Sage 6 : Minting day (over 200 minted to start generating profits)

Sage 7 : Initiating the validation of blockchain nodes

Sage 8 : distribution of profits to holders


email :

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